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Amalgam Free Dentistry

In the past silver coloured amalgam fillings were common. Amalgam is hard-wearing and cost-effective, but it is highly visible in the mouth and isn’t really the best option for dental health. Smile Craft Dental is an amalgam-free dental practice as we feel more there are modern materials that are more effective for repairing teeth.

If you need a filling, we can restore your tooth using the very latest composite resins that come in a huge range of colours and translucencies. If you need a larger filling, we will recommend porcelain fillings. Both options look beautiful and are virtually invisible.

What are the Advantages of Composite Resin Fillings?

Composite resin is a material that is highly biocompatible with your natural tooth structure.

It bonds extremely well to the tooth, creating a tight seal that prevents bacteria from entering the tooth. Amalgam doesn’t have this property as it is just tightly packed into a cavity. With a composite resin filling, we will only need to remove damaged parts of your tooth, leaving your healthy tooth structure intact. With an amalgam, it is necessary to remove a greater amount of tooth structure in preparation for the filling. Unlike amalgam, composite resin will not flex or change shape when it comes under pressure or into contact with hot or cold.

When Should I Have Porcelain Fillings?

Porcelain fillings are ideal for repairing larger cavities and where more of your natural tooth structure needs to be restored. They are extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting, and do not flex or change shape. Porcelain fillings, called inlays and onlays, are precision-made, sealing out bacteria and preventing further decay and infection.

Our Newcastle practice is located at Elermore Shopping Centre, 137 Croudace Road, Elermore Vale NSW 2287. You can contact us on (02) 4048 0882.

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