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Root Canal Treatment

We know some people feel a bit apprehensive about root canal treatment, but it really is excellent for saving badly infected teeth. It should not feel any worse than having an ordinary filling and afterwards your tooth should be much more comfortable and free from pain and discomfort.

Why Might I Need Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is done to save traumatised, discoloured, diseased or abscessed teeth that would otherwise require extraction. It is carried out when the central part of the tooth ‘the pulp’ becomes badly decayed or infected and if not treated then the tooth will begin to die which can lead to loss of the tooth.

With this treatment the tooth is saved and restored to its full appearance and function with a crown. The infection is often caused by bacteria that live in the mouth and invade the tooth when:

  • Untreated decay is present
  • Teeth are damaged by trauma
  • Leakage around old fillings

Advancement in dental technology combined with the use of specially designed instruments allows our dentists to complete root canal treatments more efficiently and comfortably. Local anaesthetic will ensure you experience no discomfort.

The symptoms of an infected pulp could be but is not limited to:

– Pain
– Drainage of pus from the gum around infected tooth
– Swelling in the gum area surrounding your tooth

During your initial appointment our dentist will locate the offending tooth by examining and taking an X-ray. After that, we will give you a local anaesthetic to numb the tooth.

– Your tooth will then be isolated from the rest of your teeth by a thin sheet of rubber dam. Isolation is done to protect the tooth from bacteria present in saliva. It is also used to prevent any instruments going in the airway.
– A hole is drilled in the tooth to gain access in the pulp chamber.
– Next, the dead pulp is removed from the root canals using very small files and disinfectants.
– Our dentist will place a medication in the tooth to help kill any bacteria after the canals are cleaned. The tooth will be temporarily filled and we will need to see you again to fill the canals and complete root canal treatment.
– Sometimes, the tooth can be filled permanently on the same day if the infection was not too serious.

What to Expect After Having Root Canal Treatment

Your tooth may feel slightly tender for a few days and you may need to take pain killers. Posterior teeth with root canals will usually need a crown to prevent them from cracking. For more complex root canals, we may refer you to an endodontist for treatment under a microscope.

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