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General Dentistry

Most people will only require general dental treatments to keep their teeth and gums in great condition. Most people have at least one or two fillings and these do need replacing every so often. If you have an infected tooth, root canal treatment can often save it and is certainly nothing to be feared. We are extremely gentle when carrying out dental treatment.We only remove teeth when absolutely necessary and this includes wisdom teeth extractions.

Regular examination

At your check up our dentist will:
Check for early signs of decay or cracks
Check existing restorations
Look at your gums for early signs of gum disease
Examine your tongue, throat, cheeks & lips for oral cancer
Examine for signs of grinding and associated damage

X-rays of your teeth are usually taken every two years, unless we notice a problem and need an X-ray to look inside the tooth. X-rays may be needed more frequently in higher caries risk cases, but our digital x-rays are very safe.

Your clinician may use an OPG to get a general overview of your mouth, especially those hard to reach areas.

This image allows your clinician to see:

Any changes in your bone that supports your teeth (checking for signs of periodontal disease).

All of your teeth from the crown to the bottom of the root (checking for abscesses, fractures, impacted wisdom tooth positions or ill-fitting restorations).

Amalgam free dentistry

In the past silver coloured amalgam fillings were common. Amalgam is hard-wearing and cost-effective, but it is highly visible in the mouth and isnt really the best option for dental health. Smile Craft Dental is an amalgam-free dental practice as we feel more there are modern materials that are more effective for repairing teeth.

If you need a filling, we can restore your tooth using the very latest composite resins that come in a huge range of colours and translucencies. If you need a larger filling, we will recommend porcelain fillings. Both options look beautiful and are virtually invisible.

Tooth Coloured fillings

White or tooth coloured fillings are often a great option for treating cavities as they will blend in beautifully with your existing tooth. They can be used to replace old amalgam or gold fillings, achieving a more natural tooth-like appearance. Tooth coloured fillings are also a more conservative approach for restoring teeth

Composite fillings

The first is a composite resin filling procedure. This is a direct procedure that can be completed on the day of your visit. Composite resin is a material that is adapted to the shape of your tooth and hardened with a special blue light.

Ceramic fillings

For larger broken down teeth where composite restorations would not be strong enough, an indirect restoration of high grade porcelain may be required and which can also be completed in a single sitting. These are known as inlays or onlays depending on the size.

Dental Extractions

We always try to save natural teeth, but sometimes extraction may be the only possible option. A dental extraction is the removal of a tooth from the mouth. It is performed for multiple reasons like:

Tooth decay involving the infection in nerves and blood vessels in the tooth and where root canal treatment cannot be done.

Impacted wisdom teeth.

Orthodontics (braces) you may have to have teeth extracted to create space and so other teeth can be brought into line.

Periodontal disease bacterial infection under the gum can lead to loss of bone resulting in the tooth becoming loose.

Teeth that have been damaged by trauma.

Most of the extractions including wisdom teeth can be done here at Smile Craft Dental, however you will be referred to an Oral surgeon if your extraction is likely to be more complicated. We are happy to discuss all the available options with you.

Prior to any treatment, it is important you inform us of any medication, both prescribed and over the counter, you may currently be taking. Please let us know if you have any other health problems or if you have an allergy to any medications.


Our dentists will advise you on all aspects of dental hygiene, including the use of toothbrushes, electronic aids, dental floss and inter-dental brushes.

There are two simple steps to good oral hygiene and healthy teeth and gums; regular visits to your dentist and good home care.

Poor oral hygiene can lead to a number of health concerns, some of them extremely serious if left untreated.

Some signs to look for are:

Bleeding gums

Swollen and inflamed gums

Loose teeth

Receding gums

Bad breath


Root canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is done to save traumatised, discoloured, diseased or abscessed teeth that would otherwise require extraction. It is carried out when the central part of the tooth the pulpbecomes badly decayed or infected and if not treated then the tooth will begin to die which can lead to loss of the tooth. With this treatment the tooth is saved and restored to its full appearance and function with a crown. Click here to find out more.

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Frequently asked questions

Research shows a clear link between periodontal disease and the following medical conditions:

Cardiovascular disease. Increased risk of stroke and heart attack

Premature birth with low birth weight in babies

Porcelain fillings are ideal for repairing larger cavities and where more of your natural tooth structure needs to be restored. They are extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting, and do not flex or change shape. Porcelain fillings, called inlays and onlays, are precision-made, sealing out bacteria and preventing further decay and infection.

Composite resin is a material that is highly biocompatible with your natural tooth structure.

It bonds extremely well to the tooth, creating a tight seal that prevents bacteria from entering the tooth. Amalgam doesnt have this property as it is just tightly packed into a cavity. With a composite resin filling, we will only need to remove damaged parts of your tooth, leaving your healthy tooth structure intact. With an amalgam, it is necessary to remove a greater amount of tooth structure in preparation for the filling. Unlike amalgam, composite resin will not flex or change shape when it comes under pressure or into contact with hot or cold.

you may need surgical extractions if a tooth is badly decayed, broken at the gum level or not visible, for example if the tooth has yet to erupt.

Most of the extractions can be done here at Smile Craft Dental, however you will be referred to an Oral surgeon if your extraction is likely to be more complicated.

Removal of wisdom teeth is also performed under a local anaesthetic at Smile Craft Dental. For more complex cases you may be referred to an Oral Surgeon who can remove your wisdom teeth in hospital under a General Anaesthetic or under Local anaesthetic. We are happy to discuss all the available options with you.

Recovery will generally take a few days. You may experience some slight post-operative swelling. Over the counter pain relief medication is often all that is required to relieve any discomfort. A soft food diet is recommended for a few days. If you follow our post-operative instructions carefully, your recovery should be relatively easy.

For most people, to maintain healthy teeth and gums, it is recommended you visit your clinician and dental hygienist twice a year.

Regular examination forms an integral part of your preventative dental care plan. This is because there may be small signs of problems that are just beginning to develop and early treatment is always the very best option. It is quicker, less invasive and more cost-effective, and it helps to reduce your risk of dental emergencies.

These are precision-made using the very latest CAD/CAM technology and high grade porcelains, selected for their strength, durability and natural appearance. Instead of a mould, your tooth is scanned before the restoration is milled on-site from a block of pure porcelain, resulting in a precision-made and beautifully strong filling.

Large amalgam fillings containing mercury. Also they can lead to the fracture of the surrounding tooth structure as they expand and contract with any changes in temperature and they also need more extensive cavity preparation.


Cost of extraction varies depending on complexity of the case. It can range any where from $ 200.00 -$ 500.00 a tooth. Check Afterpay for ease of payment.

Root canal therapy does range in price, depending on how many canals there are in a tooth, how large the infection is and complexity of the case. Generally prices range from $1,000

From as little as $12.00 a week per root canal. Visit our Payment Options to find out more.


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