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Offer for New Patient

Special offer for new patient — Gap Free Dental checkup

To maintain good oral hygiene it is important to regularly visit your dentist along with good brushing and flossing. To make it more convenient Smile Craft Dental are offering no gap dental check-ups to patients with available health fund benefits that can be claimed at Smile Craft Dental.

Our comprehensive gap free check-ups include an exam, scale and clean, fluoride treatment and up to 2 x-rays.


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  • 1 Willoughby
  • 2 Wingham
  • 3 Tuncurry
  • 4 Newcastle

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In Box
  • Offer only available to patients who have private health insurance with an Australian health fund who are able to claim their available health fund re-bates for dental cover at Smile Craft Dental.
  • Offer covers examination (011), scale and clean (114) or removal of plaque (111), fluoride (121), x-rays (022 x 2)
  • Health fund limits and rules apply. Patient must confirm their eligibility with their health fund provider prior to appointment to claim rebates.

Term and conditions

  • Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • Offer subject to change with our prior notice.
  • Offer is not be changed for any monetary value.

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How process works

Your first appointment will take a little longer as we will need additional information about you. This includes your full medical history which is particularly important. Your first visit also includes plenty of time for any questions you might have about our dental practice. Above all, we want you to feel comfortable and to relax./

Why We Need to Know about Your Medical History

We need to know about any existing medical conditions and any medications cur-rently being used, including over-the-counter and prescription medications. All this information is essential in making sure we provide you with the best and most ap-propriate treatment based on your general health. To save time, you can download our medical history form from our website or if you prefer you can fill it in when you arrive at our practice.

Dental Assessment

At your consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss any dental concerns you may have or how you would like your teeth improved.

A complete oral assessment will be done to help accurately plan which treatments would be best for you. During this examination we will assess your

  • Teeth restorations (filling, crowns, veneers, etc)
  • How you bite and the health of your jaw joints.
  • Your smile and facial aesthetics.
  • The health of your gums.
  • Your tongue, throat, cheeks & lips for signs of oral cancer.

Personalised Treatment Plan

Afterwards you will receive a tailored treatment plan to restore or maintain your oral health. This plan will include a preventative focus to maintain your oral health in the long term.

Where dental treatment is required, we will provide you with all the available treat-ment options. This will enable you to achieve the optimal outcome for your teeth.

Occasionally, patients are referred to other dentists who specialise in the relevant fields of dentistry.

For people who are committed to maintain their oral health, we have active man-agement programme where you can get special pricing for checkup, clean, X-rays and fluoride treatments.